Wednesday, 4 May 2011

yikes!!! Time's flying

I think I have over a month's worth of blog entries to catch up on. It's been busy! Currently I'm relaxing in a large Edwardianesque hotel room in Clevedon. On Friday, I left with my family for a drive around England. So far we've traveled up the east coast, through Yorkshire, then over to Edinburgh, then back down the west side, and are now parking in Somerset for a few days before heading back to Cambridge. It's been an awesome trip with many adventures, so hopefully I'll have a few quiet days in which to begin to update.

Things learned so far:

- English highways are easy. English towns are nightmares of doom for navigating.
- I live in fear of head-on collisions ever since we turned the wrong way down an unmarked one-way street. See above.
- My brother is the ideal room-mate. He doesn't snore, he doesn't leave his stuff laying around, and he always takes the smaller, crappier bed in our twin-rooms.
- Old stuff rocks. Old rocks rock. Hello Hadrian's Wall and Stonehenge!

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