Sunday, 12 June 2011

Mint Syrup

Our little indoor garden is flourishing. The amount of money we've saved by eating onion greens, parsley, and chillies from the garden instead fo buying them at the store will pay for the whole garden over the course of the year. We had our first 'harvest' a few weeks ago when our mint & basil mint required cutting back. I dutifully stripped the plants of their leaves and then simmered them with water & sugar (2 scant cups sugar, 1c water, 1 packed cup mint) until the sugar was disolved and the mint wilted. Then I strained it into a delightfuly old-fashioned [sterilized] cordial bottle and voila, mint syrup. In answer to the question "ok, but what do you do with the mint syrup", we used our first batch up in cocktails. It goes great in Jamaican rum punch (kind of like a mojito) and also makes a refreshing mint soda (syrup, soda water, and a splash or two of citrus). I think it could also be used over summer berries or in fruit salad, but the rum punch was popular enough that it didn't make it that long:

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