Saturday, 27 October 2012

Walking around Wedding

The great thing about being in Berlin for two months is that we don’t need to rush to get all of our sightseeing done in one go. This is an especial blessing with a baby, since Walter can really slow things down and sometimes return trips are necessary because I  can’t always access places with him on my own. So I’ve been taking my trips out as opportunity presents itself, and the other day Walter & I had the opportunity to explore our district of Wedding.

David needed to print some documents in order to work at the Staatsbibliotek, and the only printshop he could find in our area was a half-hour walk away. It was a beautiful autumn day so we thought we’d make a family walk of it.

It’s fun getting off the beaten track, especially since our poorer area isn’t covered by many of the guidebooks. I think that’s too bad, because there was lots of really beautiful art deco & art nouveu architecture (although likely all rebuilds after the war). There were beautiful hidden courtyards and parks, neat graffiti & statues, and an open-air market selling everything from cheap handbags to fish.

Beautiful oldish building that we found -- we think Nazis once had some sort of office or something there because the eagle statuary on the front is very reminiscent of the Nazi Eagle, although minus the swastika

BEARlin heraldic mosaic!

German sculpture looks subtlety different from English. I love how curvy this lady is!

Fun painted 'art deco'-ish buildings in Wedding -- we're pretty sure these are a rebuild since the area was most likely reduced to rubble during WWII

A really neat old building and a really ugly chimney

"Oh, I seem to have ridden my bike into wet cement. I'll just sneak away and no one will be the wiser..."

Cool graffiti on a building -- we took this one for Sarah

The panda is watching you!


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    1. I know! David was the one who noticed the bike. Then we debated whether or not it was a sculpture (me) or an accident (Dave).

    2. I was having the same internal debate in my mind! So glad you both were as well. I never came to a conclusion, though I do believe I was siding more with your hypothesis.