Friday, 8 March 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 3)

--- 1 ---
Walter's visa got approved! Once again I am glad that I need to get back to the UK sooner rather than later, as it meant I could pay the "priority application" fee in good conscience. We had his appointment and couriered his application to New York on Monday, and his visa was approved by 12pm PST today. Certainly can't complain about a 48hr turnaround. For people like me who struggle with anxiety and impatience, paying the extra money means that we only suffer through a couple of days of obsessively checking the email inbox, rather than three weeks... in fact the extra fee is almost worth it for that peace of mind, except I don't like giving in to my anxiety!

--- 2 ---
For all those who told me not to worry about the application process, yes, yes, you were right. Yes, I am too pedantic and read way too much into things. But aside from having my paperwork in order, and sayings loads of prayers, I think what cemented his application getting approved is the picture he sent in for his visa:

"Please Mr Visa Officer, let me into your country so that I can be with my daddy"

--- 3 ---
Walter and I are spending this week in Victoria, visiting David's family. So it's a bittersweet trip, because it's the last time we'll see them (or be in Victoria) for several months.On Tuesday we went for a walk along Willows Beach and Walter got to try a swing out for the first time in the playground overlooking the ocean. He was in hysterics of joy. I was also full of joy, because it's not every day that one gets to swing their infant son in a park at the edge of the ocean!
--- 4 ---
We're halfway through Lent and I'm finding it quite interesting this year. Mostly, I am absolutely sucking at fasting & abstinence. For various health related reasons, as well as out of consideration to non-Catholic family who cooks for me, I can't always have a completely meatless Friday. On top of that, also for health related reasons, I find that I'm sometimes consuming the food product I gave up for Lent. I don't feel guilty about it or anything, but still think it's too bad that I've not been able to keep to my fasting & abstinence as much as I wanted to. On the plus side, and the more important side, I've found this Lent to be much more spiritually refreshing than Lents in years past. Between daily meditations, the conclave, and the "adopt a Cardinal" program I've been spending a lot of time in prayer and reflection. All in all, it's been good thus far.  
--- 5 ---
After talking to his sister Sarah, I learned something very loving that David had done for me years ago: One night, when we were living in Edmonton, our couch erupted with beetle larvae. I learned this when a panicked David woke me up at 3am and asked me to help in carry the couch outside. What I just learned is that apparently he first called his sister & her then-boyfriend and had asked them to come over and help him get the couch out so that he wouldn't have to wake me up. Living a several blocks away, and given that the time was 3am, she said no. But I am rather touched that he was so concerned about my sleep that he would bother harassing his sister first!
--- 6 ---
After his bout of sickness, Walter seems to have forgotten how to sleep for a decent length of time at night. He keeps waking up every 3 hours or less, usually for food. Does anyone have any good ideas of how to get him back to somewhat normal (which for him was usually sleeping until 5am, drinking a bottle, and returning to sleep)? For awhile there he was getting really good at putting himself back to sleep, but that seems all shot to hell now and I'm not super keen on just leaving him to cry.
--- 7 ---
Speaking of waking up babies, one thing that might help him sleep is if I could shake this horrible throaty cough that is now lingering on three weeks after we first came down with The Cold from Hell. It's slowly getting better during the day, only to return at night with a vengeance. It's that horrible dry, catching feeling you get in your throat when it's all disgustingly phlemgy and you can't clear it and even breathing irritates it and you keep choking on air. I can't believe how severe this winter cold was and I really can't wait for it to be over!

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