Friday, 12 April 2013

In lieu of a Quick Takes Post

I'm a couple weeks behind on Quick Takes, because:

- we've moved twice
- I've gone back to work
- Walter, David, & I were all down with the flu

So, in lieu of a Quick Takes post, I offer this news (which is probably old news to many of my readers)

The Porter Family is expecting to increase by one more member!

We are all very excited, although Walter made a point of jealously drinking his milk while glaring at the ultrasound screen during our first scan appointment this week.

And, don't let 'first scan' throw you off. I'm quite far along in this pregnancy, but due to various complications from travel and not being certain which country I'd be having the baby in (and thus which country to qualify for medical care in), I missed my "12 Week Scan" and so this was my 20-ish week scan.

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