Friday, 3 May 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 7)

--- 1 ---
I had a mid-week day off this week, so that David could get into the University Library and look at some books. The weather co-operated and Walter & I had a perfectly lovely 'Walter & Mummy Day' which made up for Saturday (when it hailed and my 2.5 hours of weekend overtime turned into 5.5). We shared lunch, ran errands, and then 'played swings' in the park for half an hour, where we met another mum & young baby on the same tasks. It was great, and one of those days that one dreams about when pregnant.
--- 2 ---
I've been noticing how much encouragement I've been getting just from reading other Catholic blogs (especially, but not limited to, Catholic blogs also written by mothers). With all the moving around & parish changing it's nice to feel connected to the Church via the online community, since putting down roots in a new parish takes time. Sometimes it's just to connect with people who speak the same 'language'... in The Real World I'm finding more and more that my thoughts are just far off from what seems to be accepted as the norm. This is probably a good sign...
--- 3 ---
Speaking of not being the norm/encouragement, a lot of stuff regarding 'large families' has come my way lately (either via friends or articles that others post that look interesting). Considering we only have one child on the outside world at the moment, I find myself shaking my head in half-humerous sadness that our soon to be family with two kids is verging on the 'large' side, mostly because there isn't much space between the two babies. I have a longer post coming on attitudes towards pregnancy/children/large families, but really, isn't it a bit sad that having two babies is requiring a lot of defence/build-me-up material in the face of society's expectations (and comments!)?
--- 4 ---
In other news, the NHL Playoffs have begun back in North America and this year we will sadly not be following along via an NHL subscription. In the past, especially when the Canucks were doing well, we've gotten up at all hours of the night to watch the games via a subscription to stream them live. Yet in the confusion and shuffling of the strike this past year, the company that the NHL employs, or permits, to stream the games has dealt in some very shoddy business practices (like updating their T&Cs without advising their customers, renewing subscriptions with no warning or receipt, and taking money without consent). We can't really trust them with credit card information, so no games for us.
--- 5 ---

My favourite Friday 'at work' lunch in the UK is a cheese & onion sandwich (onions diced so small you can't see them, and just enough zing to elevate it above an overly cheesy mayonaissey mess) with a packet of salt & vinegar crisps on the side. The Co-Op makes the best ones, although there's no Co-Op in Ely so we've been getting deli filler mixes from the supermarkets instead. Alas, this week I accidently purchased cheese & tomato instead of cheese & onion. So my meatless lunch this week really is on the penitential side!
--- 6 ---
Tomorrow is Eel Day in Ely, a celebration of the town's namesake (thank you, Vita of St Aethelwold) and a chance for David to finally partake of the delicacy he's been after since moving to the UK -- eel. We have some friends coming up from Cambridge to join us for the celebrations and we plan to form a team for the 'eel tossing' competition. Does this sound hopelessly geeky? Not so! Some of the best fun we've had has been participating in various local festivals in the places we've lived. It's always fun to see how the locals do it :)
--- 7 ---
And finally, Walter is 9 month's old today! Time has flown. I shall do a longer post about all his amazing baby achievements at some point.

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  1. Happy 9 months to Walter! And I wish David the best in his Eel-tossing. I'm eager for photos of this event *in particular*.

    1. I think there are a couple eel toss ones on Facebook now. David was reigning champion for the morning.

  2. Congratulations on your new addition in the making! I missed this news until just now but wanted to say that I am happy for you. When are you due? We were just talking about opposition to large families. It's funny... most people with the opinion that you should't have more then 2 kids are the ones that have no idea what it is like. When I had my first 3 out at costco someone asked me if I was going for a record! Now when we are out strangers ask us if we are done!

    1. Thank you! I'm due on August 4th (so if the baby comes exactly on time, 12 months + 1 day after Walter).

      I have found the larger families I know to be incredibly supportive, probably because they have found all the joy that comes with the constant chaos. I can't believe how rude strangers are about it. I suppose it is that same old curiosity that other people (with visible disabilities, for example) have to face, but really.