Saturday, 26 April 2014

Storybook Love (First Dance Link Up)

I’m totally behind on blogging again. Actually, I’m pretty much behind on life again. Things went a bit crazy and the days haven’t left much free time until recently. David’s currently away, speaking at a conference, so what better time to re-enter the writing world with a link-up that gives me a chance to reminisce on the one who is away?

A very long time ago, a friend told me that I was deluding myself if I bought into the idea of a White Knight coming to sweep me off my feet and away into a fairytale ending. Well, my friend was wrong. I met David, my life changed forever, and even with all the hard work & sacrifice that comes with living life well, these past ten years have been more of a fairytale than I could have ever imagined.

Clare May Ball -- Cambridge, 2010
The Princess Bride has been one of my favourite movies, ever since I was a little girl. Romance, adventure, humour... it is perfect. David & I watched it together on our first Valentine’s day and then on every subsequent one until we got married. So it was pretty much a no brainer that this needed to be our first dance as husband & wife. I’m not a fan of the version sung by Willy DeVille, so we went with a beautiful instrumental version that my brother edited & arranged so that we could use it for a dance.

not quite the version we used, but very similar

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