Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Unplanned Hiatus

I’ve been absent from this blog for too long. It was not intentional, but a combination of life being insanely busy and a computer that is really hit & miss with which wireless connections it will use. But apparently it’s willing to connect to our home internet now, so I’m back! So much easier to write blog posts when i can actually publish them from my own computer.

Much has changed in a few (six?) brief weeks. We found a place to live in Burnaby (bedfellow with Vancouver proper in BC), moved, and are in the next stage of the “what now” bit that comes after a chapter closes. David is now officially Dr Dave, or Dr Daddy, depending on who is addressing him. I’ve had a lot of fun tagging “Dr” onto things with his name on them.
Lots more to come, so watch this space!