Saturday, 21 July 2012

Last Day at Work

Best to write this one out while the memories are still fresh.

My last pre-baby day at work was amazing. I've left feeling so spoiled and loved, especially by my own team who said some very kind things to me over dinner.

The day began with Shilpa bringing in breakfast for everyone--sesame bagels, philly cream cheese, and my favorite--her homemade pakoras. The carb & cheese feast put everyone into a great mood and, at least for me, the day flew by. It was a combination of finishing up the week's work, ensuring I tied up as many loose ends as possible, and then cleaning out my desk and handing in all my security tokens.

This picture does not do justice to the pakora-gluttony experienced by the six of us.

In the afternoon, right before we left for the evening festivities, a fair crowd of people came in and I was given a lovely speech from my boss, two cards, and the coolest gifts--a bib embroidery kit and a baby accessory cake:

From work I headed into Cambridge with most of my team for an evening of camaraderie and good eats. We went to a couple of pubs, although most of us drink diet cokes, and then had an evening meal at a new restaurant in town called Las Iguanas. It's a South American restaurant and it was great. We had a table overlooking the Cam and Magdalene college, the service was friendly, and the food was delicious. It is so hard to find a restaurant with good service and good food in Cambridge (pubs are a different matter) so we were all really thrilled. It was a really relaxed and lovely evening, and a bunch of us are off over the next couple of months (some working at the Olympics, others going to India, and others giving birth) so it was great to have a meal together before we all go our separate ways for awhile.

And, to round things off, my "last working paycheque" treat arrived in the post today--OPI's Vintage Minnie Minis collection of nail polish. I figured I could use some pampering before the baby arrives:

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