Tuesday, 31 July 2012


I’m now officially on maternity leave-pay, as last week was a week of paid vacation. Mum arrived last Monday and it’s been a godsend. I was not expecting to be this tired. I’m finally feeling somewhat caught up on rest, and this is after a week of spending a good chunk of time sleeping. Mum’s helped me get caught up on little bits of housework, and she’s keeping the dishes and mealtimes in a good semblance of order.

We picked up her rental car on Thursday and were able to upgrade from a standard to an automatic, which made both of us quite happy. We’re driving a large Volkswagen, which I’ve named “the beast” due to its size. Most days include a practice trip or two to the hospital.

No baby yet, but between first babies often being late and no medical professional being willing to listen to me about cycle lengths or the date of conception I’m not that surprised, as my own calculations put the due date a few days later than the ultrasound scan showed. Plus, the baby will come when it’s ready. So the most annoying part right now is people who make the astute observation that the baby hasn’t come yet even tho it was ‘due’ on Saturday. I can assure you all that I’m quite aware that the baby hasn’t come yet. That would explain why my stomach is still giant and why I am still getting kicked in the ribs. I bet I even know before everyone else when the baby is on its way.  

I am fairly relaxed about the baby coming when it comes, but I am still praying that it decides to come before Friday. If it’s not here by Friday the midwives have promised me some unpleasant-sounding form of natural induction. And, more importantly, David is leaving for Germany either on Saturday or Sunday so it would kind of be optimal if the baby were here before he left... since you know, he’d kind of like to meet it and not be spending his whole time in Germany worrying that he’s going to have to rush back to England or miss the birth.

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