Saturday, 15 June 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 10)

--- 1 ---
Walter turned ten month's old two weeks ago, which is crazy. He & I celebrated with a Walter-Photo-Shoot, in which I took pictures of him while he laughed hysterically/tried to attack the camera. We then indulged in one of this favourite activities: looking at pictures of Walter & Mummy. When I showed him the video I'd shot during the photo shoot he almost hyperventilated with gleeful laughing. It was nice, especially since he's getting a new tooth (or something) and has subsequently morphed back into a Gremlin.


Let's attack the camera (and mummy!)

--- 2 ---
Summer has made a sudden appearance on this fair isle and Britain is at its best. It's warm enough to go out in summer clothes, but not so warm that the British inability to understand how air conditioning works is a problem. Strawberries are in season, so I can indulge my cravings with lashings of strawberries & cream. It's also time to break out the Pimms Jugs and sample this year's best ciders (an activity best undertaken at a riverside pub). The countdown to my maternity leave, and the hopes of having 3 weeks to rest and relax at home before Secundus are helping the sun elevate my mood. If only I could get some sleep!

--- 3 ---
A couple of weeks ago, David & Walter accompanied me to one of my antenatal appointments. We were kept waiting, so I set Walter loose to play in the waiting room. Between shyness and his stiff new sandals, he was struggling to get up to his usual crawling hijinks. In fact he looked like he could barely crawl at all, which seemed to prompt the woman sitting across from us to strike up a conversation about her own children's prowess in early walking (My son walked at 8 months and my daughter at 10. How old is your baby?). I can't really be bothered to get into the whole competitive parenting thing, so I gave her a polite smile and abstained from mentioning that Walter's been walking (while holding onto our hands, of course), since 5 months. David was of a similar mind to me on keeping quiet, but I was very proud that he seized the opportunity to turn to Walter and say 'shall we go play at the toy table?' at which point Walter proudly walked between the two of us and stood playing with toys until my appointment. The woman didn't bother speaking to us again. David says that this is how one proves a point with class, and I tend to agree.
--- 4 ---
Whenever I miss Sunday Mass, I end up appreciating that being Catholic means having to make an effort to go to church on Sunday. To miss Mass is, at least for my family, no light matter, and I wish that I could see this attitude taken up by more Christians. When I was growing up my family almost never missed a Sunday service -- even on vacation my dad was sure to know of some church that we could go to on a Sunday (and if there was no church then we had family Bible readings & prayers in lieu). On my last trip home the subject of missing Sunday services kept coming up, from people who take a vacation from church when they're on vacation, to people who only go when they feel like going. I'm not saying that I have perfect Sunday Mass attendance or anything, but I like that when anyone in my family misses Sunday Mass it's only after an eximination of conscience, to make sure we're not be misguided, and a family discussion. I think it reminds us that our Sabbath Day should be a day set apart, different from the other days in the week (even if only different by the sometimes inconvenient couple of hours it takes to go to church and back).

--- 5 ---
 Since I wrote Quick Take #2, Summer has once again disappeared and Cambridgeshire is blanketed under warm grey cloud. So that's me told.

--- 6 ---
I'm trying to decide between three kiddy transport options. Input would be useful:

- do we get a cheap double buggy, which is bulky (consider we don't have a car and thus take public transport/walk everywhere) and perhaps not going to be particularly useful as I have a Walter who will probably be an early & insistent walker?

- do I get a buggy board for the current travel system and trust that Walter will muster enough baby intelligence to grasp the concept?

- do I buy Walter one of those super light-weight strollers for longer trips and then manage shorter trips by juggling the kiddos between the current travel system & the baby hawk carrier?

I'm leaning towards the latter one for the time being, but am perhaps being impractical. I'm not rushing out to buy anything, but it's difficult to figure out what will be most useful until we have life with two kids for realz.

--- 7 ---
8 months pregnant and it's sort of kicking my butt, at least in the general feelings of unwellness. Trying to pin down as to whether it's a problem (like blood pressure, dehydration, or a virus) or just being pregnant-having a 10 month old-working full time. Probably the latter. Fortunately I've less than a month left at ye old office. Also fortunately, our bed is on the floor so I just spend my at home time resting in bed, reading my kindle, and letting Walter climb on and off the mattress. We're both happy.

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  1. I've found my bulky double stroller handy even with my babies 20 months apart. I did find a double umbrella stroller at a thrift store once which would work once baby 2 is sitting upright and it is not at all bulky... hard for them to nap in though and I'm not sure if you could find one there. Here they have some neat jogging style strollers where the older babe can sit in a seat almost under the buggy... not so bulky... not sure what a buggy board is. I've also come up with interesting ways to have 2 babes in a single or 3 in a double... you can always use your imagination if Walter gets tired of walking.

    1. Thank you so much for your suggestions. I think we are going to go with a double stroller -- I'm just watching the used ads & sales now.

      A buggy-board is a wheeled platform that attaches to a stroller for a toddler to stand on when they're tired of walking. They don't seem the safest or most practical to me but I guess they work for a lot of kids as there seems to be a market for them over here.

  2. Gosh hard to know what to say as both my kids didnt walk till late and loved the stroller. So I'd always go for a double. But it could be different for someone who has a kid who wants to walk and doesn't like the stroller. Maybe a small light weight one would be good!! From jenna

    1. I think we've decided on a double and then we'll see if we use the single before deciding if we sell that OR purchase a second light-weight. Now just need to find a good affordable one. An epic search!