Friday, 28 June 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 11)

--- 1 ---
I'm 35 weeks pregnant or something crazy like that. It's nice to be pregnant on my days off, but not so nice on days when I have to go to work. I keep having mysterious health 'issues' -- one day I mistakenly thought the traffic light had turned to green, and I heard it beeping (although in actual fact that crossing does not beep) and blithely walked into traffic. Fortunately David was with me and pulled me back, much to the consternation of other pedestrians who seemed to think he shouldn't have interfered (because letting his wife get hit by a car is so much more caring). The other day I saw an arc of shimmering stars for half an hour, whether my eyes were open or closed, and I was having a little trouble writing basic English because I was struggling to focus. So I'm off to the doctor's to see what is wrong, if anything is wrong. Most people would love to blame this on the pregnancy, but as usual all my test results have come back smack in the middle of normal. So maybe it's just low blood sugar, or exhaustion, or a severe allergic reaction to the fens! Needless to say I am looking forward to being officially off of work so that I can take a little more rest.

--- 2 ---
Speaking of pregnant, I have bump comparisons. Some people have being trying to figure out of Secundus is a girl or boy based on the bump. Other people have been telling me that as long as the baby is healthy it doesn't matter (thanks for that, by the way, I was really worried for awhile about what would happen if I didn't get my gender of choice):

35 Weeks with Walter (cannot for the life of me remember where I was going but I'm wearing some of my real jewelery so it must of been a nice occasion. Possibly garden party? Or college formal?)

33 Weeks with Secundus. As typical for 2nd pregnancies, my bump has been bigger all the way along. I like how bump-like it looks in this picture. Dressed up for Father's Day.

--- 3 ---
The above pictures remind me that I'm generally not a fan of the whole pregnant lady look. I don't mind it, I guess, but I'm not one of these ones who finds the tightest bump-revealing clothes possible. I miss having a hint of a figure and I miss wearing nice bras (I've been living in soft, but support-lacking, maternity & breast feeding bras for over a year now because it's nice to not have excruciating pain every time I roll over at night -- I make an exception if I'm going somewhere nice, as in the above picture). Anyway, the one thing I do like about bump pictures is how they always look like a little baby curled up to sleep on its mum, because that is a reminder of the good things to come.

--- 4 ---
My fridge is currently overflowing with strawberries. I think I read somewhere (BBC?) that the wet spring/summer has meant a good strawberry crop, which explains the explosion of British strawberries in the store. One week we managed to pick up some local ones in the supermarket, and then during a stroll into town a local farmer was selling 2 for the price of it was stupid not to buy. And then another grocery store was selling packages of strawberries with complimentary double cream... Anyway, strawberries & cream are one of the foods I really associate with our time in England, and since I can't indulge in my other favourite English summer treats (cider/Pimms/champagne/alcoholic ginger beer) I have given myself license to go at the berries.

--- 5 ---
Thanks to everyone who weighed in on my buggy question. We decided that a double buggy would be most practical, and it will give us a chance to see if we use our single at all (which if we don't we'll just sell). So now I'm scouring gumtree for a good deal.

--- 6 ---
I'm looking forward to celebrating Walter's first Canada Day on Monday. Four years in the UK and we've never managed to make it to London for the celebrations, but ah well. We laid in some burger & beer supplies (which reminds me that I should pick up some fries) and I'm hoping to make homemade Nanaimo bars (they are so delicious when homemade, although inedible if purchased from the store).

--- 7 ---
Also, I just need to mention how much I love Pope Francis. Every time I read his homily excerpts (thank you, Catholic Herald) I'm struck by how much wisdom he has to share.

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