Friday, 15 November 2013

7 Quick Takes - Volume 18 - The Craft Version

A couple of week’s ago I said “watch this space” for some craftyness. I’ve surpassed my expectations & managed to finish a little embroidery project – bibs for a friend’s new baby. I sketched the designs myself & and then embroidered them. I’m pretty pleased with the result, especially as I needed to keep them relatively simple so that there would be a hope of them getting done!

I know I already wrote about how Emma (and Rob) joined us for Thanksgiving, but what I didn’t mention is that Emma has yarn-talents and makes beautiful things for babies, including my babies. Last year she made Walter a beautiful chalice lace blanket (now known as ‘blankey’ and often found wrapped over his head during awake times or snuggled up at his chin during sleep times) and this year she had an adorable bunny for Emily.

Being the new baby on the block, Emily has been the recipient of many lovely handmade gifts. My friend Nicole quilted her a beautiful pillow, which looks quite darling in the cradle and has already come in useful as Little Miss prefers to recline against pillows when awake, thank you very much:

And my mother sweetly obliged to knit Emily some shoes for her Baptism outfit, since I didn’t have the time or resources to make them myself. I’m pretty sure the buttons are leftovers from an outfit I had when I was a baby:

Speaking of mum, she has the gorgeous autumn-yellow wool that is super soft and cozy warm and makes great baby sweaters. She made this awesome hooded sweater for Walter:

And since I have Irish Twins, I felt no compunction in requesting a sweater for Emily as well so that they could be matchy-matchy:

And finally, a family friend from back home also got in on the handmade spoiling and has done these beautiful cross stitch quilts for the babes:



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