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Menu Plan Monday: 16/11 - 22/11

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Menu Plan Monday, posted on a Wednesday but written last Tuesday!
Saturday: My groceries are getting delivered this evening and we’re planning to go to a Christmas Fair during the day, so it needs to be an easy dinner with ingredients I have on hand. I’m planning to heat up the leftover baked beans & soda bread, and I think I’ll cook a so-called ‘seasonal squash’ that I picked up at Tesco.

Sunday: I’ve ordered a brisket for this week’s Sunday roast and we’ll be having it with yorkshire pudding, the last of the potatoes, and some parsnips. Hopefully I’ll have the energy to make some gravy as well.

Monday: As half the household is down with a nasty cold, David suggested we order some Thai for dinner. Not in the budget but an excellent idea – turns out I needed to conserve some energy this week.

Tuesday: I’ve been craving some proper Eggs Benedict ever since I left North America. I have a nice chunk of leftover ham that will be perfect for this.

Wednesday: I keep running across recipes for mousaka and having little cravings, so I’m going to try out the one in Genevieve Taylor’s A Good Egg (a brilliant cookbook, btw).

Thursday: If my calculations are right, there should be just enough ham left over for ham & emmethal melty croissants and some homemade tomato soup, made with the tomato juice leftover from the baked beans I made the week prior.

Pizza, of course!

Now a look at last week’s plan in practice:

I’m really glad that I went with an easy supper on Saturday, as I found myself short on time. It was just as delicious as it was when I made it freshly a few weeks ago. I wanted to take a picture of the mini wellington I made Walter, but there wasn’t enough time.

I followed my friend Emma’s tip for making rice in the UK and it worked with the rice & peas, so Sunday’s supper was quite a success. Lots of rice & peas frozen for another meal, and the ham had just the right amount of fat to meat ratio.

On Monday we went to a local pub, High Flyer, which is our top pick of Ely pubs for being child friendly & having consistently good food & friendly service. David went with his usual, the ultimate burger, while I had a venison pie with root veg mash & a cauliflower & leek gratin. Delicious and super filling. We stopped by Waitrose on the way home to get some ice cream and discovered a champagne truffle flavour. Two of my favourite treats combined in ice cream – yes please!

My Ants Climbing a Tree wasn’t as good as I remembered, so Tuesday’s supper saw that recipe stricken from my recipe file. My current file of tried & true recipes, which is a word doc on the computer, is 96 pages long. I thus tend to be a bit ruthless when something is no longer up to snuff. I’m not that surprised, either. I taught myself how to cook and the recipe is an old one from the days when I was first really branching out in cooking from scratch.

I changed the plan up for Wednesday and we went with spaghetti & meatballs. I wasn’t feeling like it but the meatballs had already defrosted. Fortunately by the time dinner was ready I was in the mood for it. Still, I think we’ll be putting this standby on hold for awhile.

And I changed the plan yet again for Thursday, going with some leftover cottage pie & yorkshire pudding. It was quick & easy, which is great because the kids didn’t give me much rest the night before and the day was a bit long and tiring.

And of course, Friday pizza night. Delicious as always!

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