Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Emily: 3 Months Old

Our Little Em’ly is three months old!

the official 3-month shot
At three months, she is beginning to develop her own role in the family. She is a much more easy going baby than Walter, generally content to observe the world around her. I worry that she gets overlooked in the flurry of activity that is Walter, but she is good at using her voice to get my attention when she needs it.

just happy being Emily
She loves to cuddle and is teaching her big brother how to slow down and enjoy hugs. She loves to be around people and gets very upset if we leave a room without her. When she sees her family she bursts into the biggest grins I’ve ever seen. She can happily sit for fifteen or thirty minutes just watching Walter play.

hangin' out, watchin' Walter, and bein' a Jackalope

She has her moments of extreme girlyness. Any perceived injury, no matter how slight, leads to heartrending sobs as if her world was collapsing around her. She is a light eater and a delicate featured little creature. She loves to dance, and loves to be told that she is a beautiful pretty princess, words which always elicit a smile. Her favourite toy is the pony on her bouncy seat, and she already has a collection of stuffed bunnies.

my little princess, even when wearing Walter's old dungarees
Emily is as strong as Walter was at three months. She can stand quite easily with only a little aid. She likes to sit up, although needs a fair bit of help to stay upright. I really suck at doing “tummy time” so whether or not she can roll from front to back is a mystery for the ages. She likes to grab things, particularly her parents or the aforementioned pony and bunnies.

At her three month checkup she weighed in at 12lb10oz, a gain of 5lb since birth. She doesn’t eat very much, especially compared to Walter who would easily guzzle the recommended amount of formula for his age and show signs of being able to take more, but clearly she’s getting enough calories from what she takes in. I need to hunt up my tape measure so that I can see how long she is. She is still wearing 0-3m sized clothing, but I expect she’ll have outgrown it in another month.

her favourite way to sleep -- with a blanket over her cheek
I like having two babies. I get a lot less bullshit once people find out that I have “two under two” – it’s like a badge for letting people know you’re hardcore. Sometimes people ask how I’m coping, and very rarely they answer themselves with the obvious truth – I’m coping just fine because there is no choice. You just get on with it, do your best, and try to roll with the punches. Every day I have moments, or hours, when I rage and think I can’t handle the insanity. But then everything settles down and I get a breather and I realise that it really is ok, and it’s actually a lot better than ok – it’s great.

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  1. Love the pictures and the updates. She is a beautiful little princess indeed! LOVE the bunny ears!