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Menu Plan Monday: 07/12 - 13/12

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Saturday: Since I never completed the lasagne last week, we’ll have it tonight. Really looking forward to it.

Sunday: I have a large container of rice & peas in the freezer that I want to use up, so it’s a good week to make a sweet & sour ham. I’ll finish off the parsnips as well, tossed in honey & roasted.

Monday: I accidently bought too much fennel for last week’s mussel & fennel bisque, so I did a quick search through my recipe folder and found a French recipe for beet, orange, & fennel salad. I’ll be pairing it with flammekuche (bacon tart) which sounds delicious and vaguely reminiscent of the rahmbrot I tried in Berlin last year.

Tuesday: Time for an energy saving meal – leftover marrow stuffed with kidney beans, cheese sauce, & rice.

Wednesday: Since we’re not having a pudding on Sunday, I might as well use my largest piece of leftover roast beef to make a cottage pie, which is excellent served with Yorkshire pudding!

Thursday: Going the easy route with some leftover chicken wellington, rice, & broccoli.

Friday: Pizza Night!

Now a look at last week’s plan in practice:

The Greek potatoes were such a great idea to pair with leftover moussaka. We ate way too many potatoes but they were so, so good. Dinner was super late as I was running behind all afternoon and the Saturday grocery delivery was late, so I’m glad I only had to worry about making the potatoes from scratch.

Our Sunday roast beef was excellent. I forgot to put the potatoes into the oven in time for roasting, so we ended up having mash which was a nice change. The pudding was super crispy – I used the still-greasy pan from the previous night’s Greek potatoes to add a little extra crunch and flavour. It worked really well. It was a great meal, so kudos to David for requesting beef.

Spaghetti & Meatballs ended up being perfect for a ‘manic Monday’. It seems that Monday is the day I get the most done around the house, probably because I try to keep Sunday as a day of rest (aside from cooking & babies), so it was nice to have an easy supper after a day of housework.

I don’t particularly like fennel or shellfish, but Tuesday’s mussel & fennel bisque turned out to be a clear winner (especially for David, who likes both). The bisque was so tasty, and nice & boozy with the brandy & white wine – just the thing for a cold winter evening.

Wednesday’s Bean & cheese quesadillas were ok, but not as good as the beef one’s we’ve been having. It was the last tin of refried beans and I don’t think I’ll be getting any more multibuys on them in the next little while.

Thursday turned into a busy day, with grocery shopping in the early morning, some organisational work in the late morning, and a trip into town to get the ring put into my nose (instead of the stud which had to go in with the initial piercing). By evening we were all out of sorts, the lasagne hadn’t been made yet, and the best idea seemed to be a quick family walk to the grocery store for beer & an Indian box. Sanity saving!

Friday’s pizza was exceptionally good and entirely made by David.  

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