Wednesday, 21 May 2014

18 Months of Walter

Even at 18 months, it was hard for me to think of Baby Walter as a baby. And it’s always been that way, which is how I suppose it usually is for us eldest children, because we are always the ones surprising our parents with how much we can do at such a young age. I’m less surprised when Emily does stuff, unless it’s super early, because that’s what she *should* be doing at that age.

It doesn’t help that Walter is so tall. By 18 months he was ready for 24m/2T sized clothes. He’d been walking for more than half a year and is really sturdy on his feet, and he’s never had a really ‘baby’ look so he looks like a short toddler rather than a tall baby as he charges around.

I’ve chucked all the baby websites & books out and only tend to reference them when I’m really stuck. It means I’m not that up to speed on what milestones he should be hitting when. With all the moving around, I wanted to hold off on potty training until we were all a bit more adjusted. He went through a screaming phase, which lasted for way too long, and that was in full swing by 18 months. So we introduced time-outs, to help him identify boundaries, and he is pretty quick to understand that “do you want a time-out” is his last chance to end his negative behavior.

packing himself for our trip to Canada
He’s really good at understanding instructions but not so great at using his words. He doesn’t use the same ones consistently, although he gains a new word every week or so. But, even if he’s not speaking much English (or Spanish), he’s babbling constantly and he’s always, always singing. And perhaps saying Mass – he loves to wander around, chanting, and solemnly handing out imaginary hosts (or something) to everyone in the room. And I think he says little homilies, because sometimes he’ll get a very serious look on his face and let loose a volley of Walter-babble, only to stop & laugh & ensure we’ve all be listening. Then he goes on with chanting & hanging stuff out.

he still loves reading Daddy's books
He’s developed an attachment to his blue blanket, and Blanket has to accompany him to every nap & for long car journeys. He likes to have a variety of ‘stuffies’ in his crib, especially Oscar (a monkey) & Paddington Bear. He will turn almost anything into a toy, but in particular he favours trucks & trains & computers. Trains are his absolute favourite thing – he loves train spotting when we’re out and Thomas & Friends is constant TV demand.

train selfie!
His teeth stopped coming in once winter hit, so that brought him to a grand total of 12 by 18 months. He’s toddler-weird with foods. Toast with peanut butter & jam is his mainstay, along with milk, although he is usually quite fond of fruit, bread, beans, cheerios & eggs. He loves a “full English” and will happily devour his own breakfast and the breakfasts of those around him. He is a chocolate monster but will turn his nose up at most other sweets.

He’s usually pretty great about going down for naps & bed, but he’s not a long sleeper (most of the time) and he tends to favour early mornings, which is a bit rough as Emily likes late nights. I’ve always preferred the early morning time of day, even if I can’t usually get myself up without Walter’s siren song, and so we try to make that our special time together.

Walter is everyone’s Little Buddy. He is friendly, kind, & very affectionate. He has a real sense for adventure and loves to be out & about, exploring new places with his family. He has added so much richness to our lives and we are so thankful for our little man.

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  1. You have two of the most adorable children! (This comment is made in light of both the Walter and the Emily posts.) I just love looking at them. Can't wait to meet Emily one day!