Monday, 12 May 2014

Emily is Six Months! (nearly three months ago...)

Squeaking in under the mark just a few days before sure turns nine months old, here is Emily’s long-delayed 6 Month post!

The official 6-month shot
We’ve been having so much fun with our little princess, and she certainly has the whole family wrapped around her little finger, including her big-baby-brother. She is sweet & genial natured, although as Walter is “full of sound & fury” she has learned to assert herself when she really wants something.

Her smashing power increased ten-fold once she learned to sit
Whereas Walter has always been interested in things, Emily seems to genuinely enjoy toys and will usually opt for them instead of just grabbing random objects. She is incredibly strong and was army crawling at an alarming speed by 6.5 months. It didn’t take her long to figure out that she could follow us around, and she particularly loves to follow Walter when he tries to move toys away from her reach.At her five-month check-up she weighed around 16lbs, which keeps her in the 55th percentile (same she's been in from birth). Like Walter, she is very slim & delicately featured... I figure that this is David's aristocratic blood at work!

Learning to enjoy books (but mostly as objects for sucking)
Shortly before we left England, she was able to master sitting up and my job because a lot easier. It also meant that we could move her to a high chair & attempt solids, although I’ve had a harder time starting her on solids than I did with Walter. She likes flavours but has a hard time keeping food in her mouth and she doesn’t eat a lot in one sitting. Trying her on chicken broth for the first time was hilarious – she enjoyed it so much that she bounced and kicked and shouted and had the whole restaurant in stitches with her antics.

Trapped in a high chair!
Getting her to laugh at 6 months was like pulling teeth, but we were starting to get more of her gentle smiles. With her big eyes & sweet smiles she tends to trick people into thinking that she’s a demure little girl, but she loves to bounce and pound her fists and shout at the top of her lungs.

How could you not love this little lady?
She is a bit of a night owl, and her bedtime was hovering around the 10:30pm mark for the longest time. She makes up for it by sleeping until 8am or later, but with an early bird brother I found this routine very exhausting. David decided that in order to save my sanity we needed to start sleep training her, as most nights it would take me close to an hour just to rock her to sleep and she’d wake up as soon as I put her to bed. It took a couple of months, but now bedtimes are a breeze with her. She doesn’t sleep through the night yet, but she usually only wants a little milk and a cuddle in the middle of the night.

Attempting to relax her with a bath... note the alert eyes
By 6-month’s her nickname of “bug bug” or “bug” (after the ladybug) has seemed to stick for good and the ladybug is fast becoming her emblem. Although she is active & feisty she is also a proper little lady who loves jewelry, pretty clothes, & compliments.

She also loves being a tigger :)

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