Friday, 11 October 2013

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 16

--- 1 ---
I took the kids to their first play group on Wednesday. Walter is fairly social and has been approaching other baby-toddlers lately so figured it was time to let him figure out social interactions. He seemed to really enjoy himself, probably because the organisers realise that the best way to deal with ages 0-5 is to keep to a scheme of barely organised chaos. He ran around, played with different toys, smiled at everyone, and managed to control himself when on the verge of meltdowns. Emily drank milk & dosed. So that seems like a win for both kids.

--- 2 ---
David spent the past year reassuring me that when he was done his thesis I would have a lot more help with the kids. He’s always helped as much as he’s able to, and since he works from home most of the time I haven’t complained [much]. But now that he is done the epic writing, wow. My favourite thing so far – he told me to take an hour a day for myself. No kids, no husband, no responsibilities. Go out for a coffee, soak in the tub, basically do anything I want to relax and feel good, and he’ll watch the kids. It is wonderful and saves my sanity on days when I’m lacking sleep & dealing with fussy babies all day. Somehow knowing that I get an hour to myself makes all the difference.

--- 3 ---
David thought watching World War Z would be fun. And this is where I discover that zombie movies really aren’t my thing. I mean, when you start warily eyeing your 2 month old because she is making vaguely zombie-esque movements, you need to step back. The saving grace is that the WWZ zombies made pig noises. If it weren’t for the pig noises I think I’d be hiding in anticipation of the zombie apocalypse.
--- 4 ---
My brother seems to be trekking down memory lane. Over the past week he’s sent me a link to an online version of Hover and a Youtube video for the song Peaches. It keeps bringing back good memories of the 90s (or I suppose “the chunk of time in which I have the most memories of growing up”).
--- 5 ---
With all the unresolved stress in my life, I once again find myself reaching out for comfort books. It’s like comfort food, but without the calories. My go to’s are always the Anne of Green Gables & Little House series, sometimes with Jane Austen’s major novels thrown in for good measure. They never cease to whisk me away, put my cares into perspective, and rekindle my hope. What are your comfort books?
--- 6 ---
I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving on Sunday. We’re having some friends over and it will be so nice to have adult company. Our house is super cluttered, because we have the babies and no storage, so I’m trying to figure out a good plan of attack to get the worst of the mess dealt with.
--- 7 ---
The next stage of Getting the PhD is near – David’s had a date, in early November, set for his defense...

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