Monday, 7 October 2013

Menu Plan Monday: 5/10 - 11/10

Here goes with my first Menu Plan Monday! Are you as excited as I am?

I should note that as my groceries get delivered on the weekend I start my menu for the week on Saturday.

Saturday: Even tho' I'm home full time right now it always feels like I have more time on the weekends. So I'm making Rose Elliot's chilli bean pancakes with the slight alteration of corn tortillas instead of a crepe, since I really can't be arsed to make crepes! So really, it's just chilli bean enchiladas...

Sunday: David is cooking my birthday feast. I've requested roast beef, potatoes, yorkshire pudding, beans & baby carrots, and the best chocolate cake ever. I'm looking forward to watching him cook the meal ;)

Monday: With autumn in the air, and a need to save as much money as possible in a [most likely futile] attempt to cut down on grocery spending, I'm turning towards soups. This week, corn & sausage chowder with a side of cheese buns. I would normally make my own biscuits but, to be honest, am still feeling too tired with the two little kids and the birth recovery and the thesis just being finished to take on extra baking.

Tuesday: I'm trying an experiment -- David's supposed to be making roast beef on Sunday, for my birthday dinner, so I'm going to try turning the leftovers into a chipotle brisket quesadilla. It's an experiment so I'm curious to see how it turns out, but instinct tells me that hot + meat + cheese + fried = win. I have some corn on the cob to go on the side.

Wednesday: I'm taking the kids to their first playgroup outing in the morning, and David is planning to go to a wildlife talk in the evening, so we're going to go the easy route -- spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread with the sauce my mum made when she was visiting in the summer. We try to have a frozen leftover meal a few times during the week to save my sanity.

Thursday: My original plan for the meal of ham and Jamaican rice & peas had to be cancelled when I forgot to put rice on my grocery order. So instead we're falling back on a chunk of leftover pork roast in the freezer, and I'm going to throw together my sweet & sour pork stirfry which I wrote about on Saturday.

Friday: We're meatless on Friday and, unless something major happens, it's almost always the same thing -- pizza night! So that'll be a mushroom, tomato, & red onion pizza for me & Walter and a tomato, anchovie, & red onion pizza for David.

So that's the plan and we'll see how the week's chaos allows it to unfold!


  1. Good planning! I have a dry erase calendar that I sometimes use for meal plans... it helps to see what you've had. I've had thoughts of reducing grocery budget this month as well. I also want to defrost our freezer so I was thinking we should only buy fruits and veggies and use up whatever else we can find. (but I will need some essentials for thanksgiving)

    1. when we were moving last year we tried to eat off everything in the pantry and freezer -- I did it as a challenge to see what I could come up with from what we had. I wish we could do that again, but with all the migration this year it's been hard to get up a stock of stuff. I can't wait to have a pantry again.

  2. I just started to try meal planning again, and it's great because I always end up with lots more food than I anticipated, allowing for lots of left-overs, some of which I freeze. I suppose I feel especially grateful for this because for the first few weeks back, we kept running out of food! You are, of course, my inspiration, and I always remember you as I sit to plan out the week and write up the grocery list. Love you!

    1. leftovers are my new way forward, between money saving and children it's so nice to have meals in the freezer when a day goes all to shit.

      you should join in with the Monday menu plans. I love to see what the people i know are eating :)