Friday, 18 October 2013

7 Quick Takes - Volume 17

We’ve decided to spend Christmas in the UK this year, which is bittersweet. The thought of being able to go home again for Christmas was lovely, but at the same time I really missed our own little Christmas last year. So it will be nice to do things just as our own little family, but sad to miss being with all of our family for the holidays. Anyway, now I get a new project to plan – Christmas!
This week was spent meeting up with friends. Lots of good news all ‘round – one is getting married in a few weeks, another one just announced that she is pregnant, and two of my friends who were made redundant just found really awesome jobs. God is good.
My anxiety has been really bad lately. Three-fold reasons – time of year/gloomy weather; lack of sleep; all the unresolved uncertainty in our lives. I need to get back on my vitamin D, which is one of my usual cures, but today I went to morning Mass & adoration. I felt at such peace when I was in the church, and all the whirling voices in my head just stopped. Thanks be to God!
Speaking of morning Mass – it’s at the awkward time of 9:30, which means that the only people there are pensioners (and me). I was sitting behind one couple who looked to be upwards of seventy. When it was time for the sign of peace, they gave each other a hearty kiss. Melted my heart a little.
My best friend and the two cousins I’m closest to all married men with the same last initial as their maiden names. So they never needed to change their initials. Sometimes this makes me a bit jealous, except by the change it means my children will no longer be last in line when it's alphabetical lineup time at school.
The children gave me a run for my sanity earlier this week – every day seemed to be full of screaming, crying, fussing, and not-napping. Now they’re acting super sweet. Walter is suddenly full of cuddles, and Emily’s tummy troubles are slowly curing with some gas-relief drops. It’s nice to end the week on a good note.
Speaking of good notes, tomorrow is the Ely Apple Festival. Walter loves apples, I love market stalls, and David loves good cakes & ciders. So we’re primed for a good afternoon. Doesn’t hurt that today was payday!
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