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Menu Plan Monday: 26/10 - 1/11

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Saturday: We’ve finally come to the end of Seinfeld. Since we didn’t know each other in the 90s, we decided to have a little Seinfeld Finale party now. The plan is to make pizza – I’m going to do a spicy sauce for the base and we’ll have one marinara pizza (thinking mussels & shrimp) and one Spanish-inspired (chorizo & olives) pizza...and possibly some wine.

Sunday: I’m in the mood for a roast chicken so I’ll be using David’s recipe & cooking one up for our Sunday roast. There’s gravy leftover from Thanksgiving and I’ll probably make some stuffing as I have a bag of celery in the fridge. Depending on the size of the bird I get with my delivery, I made be able to salvage enough scraps for some chicken, stuffing, & gravy sandwiches during the week.

Monday: I’ve been wanting to try an easy chicken wellington for awhile and the leftovers from Sunday’s roast will be perfect for this. We’ll be having it with rice & broccoli.

Tuesday: Although we’ve had a rather gloomy autumn, it’s time for a throwback to summer-ish foods with some teriyaki chicken wings, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob.

Wednesday: Since we’re going out in the morning I want something effortless for supper. Time to break out my last container of sausage & corn chowder.

Thursday: It’s Halloween! The kids are too little to go out but I still like celebrating so we’re going to have stuffed pumpkin & halloween beers (Hobgoblin for me & King Goblin for David) for dinner and some Halloween candy for dessert. We’ll kick back and watch some old Halloween specials as well. I’m really looking forward to it.

Friday: Pizza night!

Now a look at last week’s plan in practice:

Saturday’s roast turned out really well. I always stuff some garlic into the meat if I’m doing beef, and this time I used David’s technique of cutting the cloves into chunks instead of slivers. Then I coated the meat in mustard & pepper. It was delicious.

On Sunday I was really glad to have a relaxed meal to cook. The kids have been a bit high maintenance so it was really nice to not have to focus much on dinner. Sweet & Sour Pork is always a winner around this house – when Walter had his the next day I got a round of applause and lots of “yum. mmmmmmmmmmmms” while he was eating, which was great as his teething has made mealtimes a struggle.

Monday’s beet, apple, & pear salad turned out well. I won’t be making it again, as it was difficult to eat (the fruit was hard and kept sliding off the spinach & cheese), but it was tasty and really brought an autumn feeling to the evening.

Tuesday’s quesadillas were pretty good, but I didn’t like the addition of the rice & peas. We had beets in a sour cream sauce on the side, and I wasn’t won over by them either.

Wednesday’s pear salad was fantastic – so much so that the recipe made it into my recipe file. David was really happy that I remembered his recent cravings for sourdough bread and it was a nice, light, elegant meal.

Thursday’s spaghetti & meatballs was a great idea, although in practice it needed a little work. I overcooked the meatballs and the creamed spinach was a little too hearty a side for such a heavy meal. But it was easy to throw together and it’s definitely something I’ll be making again (since I still have another tray of meatballs!).

Friday was pizza night and it was delicious as always.

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